The Filipina! Campaign was interviewed yesterday (August 24, 2009) by Award Winning Newsbreak Staff Writer, Carmela Fonbuena for an article about Filipina Mail Order Brides. In 2007, NEWSBREAK won the Jaime V. Ongpin (JVO) grand prize in explanatory reporting for staff writer Carmela Fonbuena’s reportage on extra-judicial killings.

We are hopeful that Ms. Fonbuena’s report on Mail Order Brides will bring us in contact with Government leaders willing to take action on the Filipina! Campaign's Technical Solution to stem the illegal human trafficking of Filipina Mail Order Brides. We welcome Ms. Fonbuena’s spotlight on the continuing problem of the Filipina Reputation in general and the plight of the Filipina Mail Order Brides specifically.


Filipina is about the true Filipina!
About painting the Filipina in a good light and presenting the real Filipina to the World!
I am a Filipina!

The Campaign:


The purpose of this site is to show how good the Filipina really is. Not the unbalanced view you get when you type Filipina into a search engine like Yahoo or Google! This is sometimes known as "Googlewashing" as it is an effort to correct a misrepresentation or to right an injustice.

How To Join!

You Join this Campaign by just going to our Cut & Paste Page and copy a block of code and paste it into your webpage. We suggest the Pinay logos if your page is meant for Filipinos and the Filipina logo is your page has international appeal.

Just paste the code into your website, blog, or whatever! You only need one logo and we have them in small to large sizes to fit your site.

After you've joined the Filipina Campaign and pasted the code into your website, please let us know. We will post a link back to your website or blog that is by or for Filipinas. Sorry, we cannot do this for social networking sites (friendster, MySpace, etc.) but still let us know. We are working on additional plans to link back to you!

Real Filipinas!

Please note that when you give us a link to your Filipina Website or blog, a Real Human Filipina will view your website and make sure it is something she can be proud of! We will include links to websites and blogs that help to balance the world view (Google or Yahoo View) of Filipinas.

Who Benefits?

When most people ask that they mean "who makes money?" In fact, no one makes money off of this. The Filipina! Campaign is not about making money but about righting an injustice. When you Google the keyword "Filipina" what is represented is a tiny fraction of Filipinas. So small that to be representative, ONLY ONE entry in the first 10 pages should be of the type listed as representing "Filipina!"

In truth it is the Filipina, throughout the whole world, who benefits from this campaign. That is the reason this website is just about the Filipina Campaign. There is no other purpose but to raise the standard so we can all be Proudly Pinay!

Yan Ang Panay!   Yan Ang Filipina!   That's The Filipina!
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