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Filipina is about the true Filipina!
About painting the Filipina in a good light and presenting the real Filipina to the World!
I am a Filipina!

Greetings Filipina!


The purpose of this site is to show how good the Filipina really is. Not the unbalanced view you get when you Google Filipina!


What image pops up in your head when you say or hear the word �Filipina?�

  • A Filipina smile.
  • A Filipina mother breastfeeding her child.
  • An excellent Filipina homemaker.
  • A powerful Filipina leader and a Filipina mentor in her chosen business, profession or vocation.
  • Another Filipina smile, inviting you to meet her family and friends.
  • A Filipina friend who�s there for you, no matter what.
  • "Ah, I�ve never met a Filipina � but I�d like to!"
  • An influential Filipina, affluent Filipina decision maker.
  • A Filipina woman, confident and willing to go an extra mile to get things done.
  • A Filipina woman I can trust to take care of my kids.
  • A Filipina mystery?
  • A Filipina girl, shy and innocent.
  • A fun-loving Filipina woman.
  • A beautiful Filipina person, inside and out.


Endless, timeless images of a Filipina.

The Filipina of the Future deserves a more empowered, diverse image online.
Multiple, complex, and whole.

Credits for the Filipina and Filipina SEO Campaign

The Filipina Campaign was initiated by various bloggers such as:

Marc Macalua, The Filipina and “Yan ang Pinay”

Jonas Diego, The Filipina Logo

Fabulous Filipina Presence

New Filipina

Filipina Images

The Late Bhabes Gelito Tait On Filipina Images and Bhabes Memorial.

Lan (aLan Tait) on and "The Filipina Tech" at

And last but not least, the driving force of the New Dedicated Filipina Campaign Website...

Percy (Precila Andes-Tait) on and Percy's Filipina Page.

The Filipina! Campaign Website

An ALL NEW Website For By and About Filipinas and the Filipina! Campaign...

This website is just about the Filipina Campaign, nothing else! Here we will offer tips about how to make the word Filipina more visible on your site, and we will post high quality links to Filipina Websites that are created by and for Filipinas!

God Bless You and let's work together to present the Filipina to the world in the right way!

Yan Ang Panay!   Yan Ang Filipina!   That's The Filipina!
This site is own and approved of by a true natural born Filipina!

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