A Ban On Filipina Mail Order Brides Won't Work!

From: Ban On Filipina Mail Order Brides

Despite a law banning mail-order marriages about 300,000 to half a million Filipino mail-order brides continue to leave the country each year and Senate President Manuel Villar wants this investigated.

Villar said Republic Act 6955 of 1990 �declare(s) as unlawful the practice of matching Filipino women for marriage to foreign nationals on a mail order basis and other similar practices, including the advertisement, publication, printing or distribution of brochures, fliers, and other propaganda materials in furtherance thereof and providing penalty therefore.�

"The government must implement the law prohibiting the violation of Filipino women, and should look after distressed Filipinas who have suffered abuses in the hands of foreign spouses," he stressed.

Source : 500,000 Filipino mail-order brides worry Villar

Even the websites promoting mail-order matches will be investigated. Police powers will be needed here in order to enforce the ban as most of these websites are based outside the Philippines. I am sure the webhosting companies will close these sites if there is some court order. It�s high time the government start working on the implementation of the Republic Act 6955 of 1990. Even the Google Adwords Publishers can be informed to stop the advertising of these websites.

Here is the link for REPUBLIC ACT No. 6955



"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

I am a Filipina married to an American for 5 years. I never added my name to a "dating" site to find an American life partner. I never wanted one. I love living in the Philippines.

Many girls wanted to leave our little farm community to get a "Kano" - but not me. I wanted true love, honesty, commitment and belief in God. That is what I got.

My partner lived in the Philippines for 20 years before I met him, he was married for 8 of those to a Filipina who died in a car crash. My mother first told me about him, she said he was a "perfect match" for me! Being a Kano, I had real doubts. My sister encourage me - but I told her I did not want to be a Kana (the wife of a Kano).

We did meet, and he is everything I wanted in a MAN!

Now that you know I am a true Filipina - back to Burke...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

The truth is you cannot ban mail order brides websites from existing or from doing what they do... If we learned anything from Nicole and the VFA we should have learned that the Philippines must respect other nations rights, if we expect them to respect us. It is a mutual benefit. Remember, the VFA was ratified by the Philippine Senate!

"Even the websites promoting mail-order matches will be investigated." and "I am sure the webhosting companies will close these sites if there is some court order." are silly notions when you consider number and amount of websites selling really bad photos and videos of the most debased type - often featuring some poor Filipina! The USA government accepts these as legal "free speech" as long as the people are 18 years or older. All "mail order brides" must already be 18 to get their passport!

In other words, these sites do not break any law in the USA or other countries - they are perfectly legal under the US court system as Free Speech! The webhosting companies will obey court orders - but only those in the courts of their countries. A Filipina Court has no authority over an American Citizen, or business, living or operating in the USA! An American Court would find nothing illegal about the websites.

Consider this... Saudi law requires beheading for openly worshiping Christ. If the Saudi law was applied in the Philippines, most people would lose their heads! In the Philippines Saudi law is just ignored because it doesn't apply. The same holds true for Philippine law in the USA, it can be, and is, ignored! That is the way it works.

In China it is against the law to criticize the Chinese government. People in the Philippines and the USA just ignore the Chinese law because it does not apply in these countries. China censors these websites! But as China has found out, there are MANY ways to proxy around these censors.

China cannot ban or order closed the websites they don't like (operated under American and Filipino Law), and neither can the Philippines! So what is the real solution...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

The internet works because it works within EXISTING Laws! It is fully free speech but it is also Free Market - and that is where you can close these sites! Laws must focus on Technology used in the Philippines!

My husband is an internet expert, he helped invent it. For three decades he has spoken about the need to protect customs and traditions in a Free Market. Big countries ignore this... If Senate President Manuel Villar really wanted to stop, or greatly reduce, mail order brides - my husband can show him how! Using existing laws, simple technology, and the Philippine court system!

You see, Filipina Mail Order Bride sites are just business that are trying to make a profit! It is Free Market - no profit, no business! If you want to stop a Filipina Mail Order Bride website, a Philippine Court Order will not work! However - cutting off their income will shut them down - or at least greatly slow them down!

First Step:

Good Men (& Ladies Too!) need to publish good websites by, for and about Filipinas... We need to do some "GoogleWashing!" About 58 million Filipinas live in the Philippines and about 99% are NOT mail order brides! 99% of Filipina websites on the Internet need to address these women! That is a reversal of what it is today...

To that end my Husband and I are developing www.Filipina.Fil.Net!

We will pick up the banner of Yan Ang Panay and Yan Ang Filipina and expand this to be a "cut and past code" that Friendster, MySpace or any Blog can use! This site now has a place holder but we are developing a links based site to replace the place holder that will be a permanent portal for all Filipina Sites! The goal being to raise the SERP ratings of all GOOD Filipina websites.

Additional Purpose specific Filipina sites will be also be developed.

Second Step:
My husband is writing an Internet based program to do EXACTLY what Senate President Manuel Villar said he wants (two years ago) - it is a simple matter - IF - If Villar means what he says! The whole thing can be accomplished using existing laws like Republic Act 6955 of 1990.

This can be accomplished WITHOUT the help or cooperation of other countries, and without the help or cooperation of webhosting companies in other countries.

There is actually an easy solution, if the Philippine Government is serious about this?

The benefit of this would not only be the curtail of 500,000 Filipinas leaving the Philippines as mail order brides, but also the RESPECT level of Filipinas would rise. Filipinas are know as "for sale" and as liars and as Internet scam experts - almost all because of mail order bride sites and so called "Filipina Dating" websites.

But does Villar really want to enforce R. A. 6955 or is this "politics as usual???"

Note: the Website Article Quoted above is dated 08/31/2007 - nearly two years ago.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

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